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The control panel for our hosting plans is developed in house. We've found that there are typical functions that every person when they have a website. We built it so as not to cause confusion. Advanced features are always accessible, but not on the home page to clutter the interface. We use the powerful Plesk engine as our hosting platform behind the scenes which our control panel ties into.


All of the hosting plans from WebTemplateHosting run on the Linux platform -- fast, stable, and powerful, this operating system is the platform of choice for our team. Over the years we've been working with web templates, we have found that when it comes to hosting, it is best not to mess around, and in our opinions the Linux OS is the route to take.


We know exactly how we would like to be treated as customers. Our support is here if you need us. Typically, you shouldn't have any need to contact us (the system runs quite smoothly). Our telephone support is available Monday-Friday during office hours. Email support is also answered ASAP (and is the best way of getting through to us).


We have had some unbelievable feedback over the years -- take a look at what customers have to say about our company (Lucky Marble). You'll receive the same great service at WebTemplateHosting as you'll read able at our corporate HQ site: www.luckymarble.com/testimonials

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Web Templates

We work hand in hand with i3dTHEMES.com which provide superior quality web templates for FrontPage 2003, Expression Web, and Dreamweaver. You'll love the designs, and the ease of usabilty.


Please read over these common web hosting FAQs.

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